The tripartite agreement

The tripartite agreement

In Zelenograd prefecture the tripartite agreement of Zelenograd twin-city Unterschleissheim (Bavaria, Germany), Zelenograd AD and Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry about Moscow business centre building in Unterschleissheim was signed. The president of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry L.Govorov stressed the fact that it is a long stride towards Russian-German relations development. It is the first example in Russia, Germany and perhaps Europe when small and medium business enterprises invest in building export. Zelenograd enterprises are among the project initiators and first participants.

Unterschleissheim was chosen from 22 territories of 13 Bavarian cities mainly due to its relations with Zelenograd as well as good location – it takes 10 minutes to get to Munich airport and 30 minutes to get to the centre of Minich. ‘Russian Village’ will contain office and hotel complex (5,000-6,000 sq. m.) of 60 rooms, Russian restaurant, bath, conference halls, Chamber of Commerce and Industry representations, legal advice in Russian and 9 ceparate office buildings with bureaus and apartments. The gross area is 9,000 sq. m. Here Rissian people can take opinion in Russian and feel like being home.
The experts believe that the project is marketable and it can pay in only 5 years.
The project leaders are already thinking over construction a ‘mirror’ Bavarian business centre in Moscow. One of the variants for German business village placement is Zelenograd.